Reconsidering the economic impact of the EU manufacturing and export provisions

J Sussell, M Tebeka, A Jena, J Vanderpuye-Orgle - Journal of Generic Medicines

The European Commission is considering two provisions which would permit limited generic drug production in the EU prior to supplemental protection certificate expiration. A recent study by Vicente and Simões addressed the potential economic consequences of these provisions and concluded that the provisions could result in 178, 698 million (M) new units produced, 8,890 new direct jobs, 26,670–35,560 new indirect jobs, and 37 new medium-sized pharmaceutical enterprises over the period 2014–2022. This paper assesses the accuracy of these findings through a critical review of the Vicente and Simões analysis.

Authors: J Sussell, M Tebeka, A Jena, J Vanderpuye-Orgle

Source: Journal of Generic Medicines

Publication Year: 2017