PHE Authors Awarded 2017 JMCP Award for Excellence

Congratulations to PHE authors Joanna MacEwan, Jason Shafrin, and Darius Lakdawalla who along with co-authors Felicia Forma, Ainslie Hatch and Jean-Pierre Lindenmayer have been awarded the 2017 JMCP Award for Excellence.

The JMCP Award for Excellence is annual award recognizing a single article that represents the best scholarly work in managed care pharmacy. The paper, "Patterns of Adherence to Oral Atypical Antipsychotics Among Patients Diagnosed with Schizophrenia,"  brings a cutting-edge statistical technique to the analysis of adherence to serious mental illness medicines.

The winner of the Award for Excellence is determined by a 7-member panel of judges convened each year comprised of three members of the JMCP Editorial Advisory Board, and four JMCP Peer Reviewers who have contributed high-quality reviews. The nominated articles are evaluated by the Judges Panel according to the following measures and weights:

  • Impact on the profession or knowledge (30%)
  • Relevance to managed care pharmacy today (30%)
  • Scientific merit and sound methodology (20%)
  • Clarity of purpose and hypothesis (10%)
  • Writing quality and readibility (10%)

The JMCP Award for Excellence is presented annually at the AMCP Annual Meeting.

To read the winning article, please click here.