News & Media: 2013

Dec 4, 2013

Philipson in Forbes: Rich Man, Poor Man

Tomas Philipson's December Forbes commentary: "How Much Does Obamacare Help The Poor? Don't Ask The Rich!" examines the metrics used to establish current ACA guidelines, and some misconceptions.  Read the complete article, and "like" Tomas' commentaries (next to his by-line) to automatically be ...

Dec 3, 2013

PHE Partner Lakdawalla Interviewed by Gov. Jon Huntsman

Darius Lakdawalla was interviewed by former Gov. Jon Huntsman (R-Utah) on the web radio program NO LABELS on December 3rd, 2013. Dr. Lakdawalla discusses the implementation of the ACA, insurance exchanges, and the possibilities for improving health care in the US.

To hear the complete interview ...

Nov 8, 2013

Tomas Philipson in "Healthcare Costs Are Set To Soar"

Tomas Philipson latest editorial "Obamacare Or Not, Helathcare Costs Are Set To Soar," examines how healthcare reform will likely impact the federal deficit, medical innovation, and the future course of world returns.

To read the commentary, please click here.

Nov 5, 2013

Julia Snider in HealthLeaders: "Reduced Readmissions In A Bottle"

Senior Research Economist Julia Snider was interviewed for the November issue of HealthLeaders Magazine, one of the top trade publications for hospital CEO's and administrators.  In the interview by Philip Betbeze, Julia discusses the recent study she co-authored along with fellow resarchers fro ...

Oct 15, 2013

Goldman, PHE Team Study Cited in ScienceDaily Article

PHE Partner Dana Goldman was quoted in the October edition of ScienceDaily-- commenting on his recently released study on the benefits of delaying aging. The study, authored by Dr. Goldman and PHE colleagues Jeff Sullivan and Desi Peneva, focuses on the potential societal benefits of breakthroug ...

Oct 9, 2013

Goldman On NPR: "Delaying Aging A Bigger Payoff Than Fighting Disease"

PHE Founding Partner Dana Goldman was interviewed by NPR's Ina Jaffe for her report "Delaying Aging May Have A Bigger Payoff Than Fighting Disease," airing on October 7th, 2013. In the nationally broadcast interview, Dr. Goldman makes the point that signinificant progress in disease prevention s ...

Oct 3, 2013

Tomas Philipson Named As Regular Op-Ed Contributor to

Tomas Philipson was recently named as a regular Op-Ed Contributor to, tasked with contributing monthly (or thereabout) articles to the site. To read the first Op-Ed piece contributed by Dr. Philipson, please click the link at the bottom of this page.

In addition to clicking on the li ...

Oct 2, 2013

PHE Teams with the World Economic Forum on Personalized Medicine Study

PHE is currently working with the World Economic Forum to explore the future of personalized medicine, also known as personalized and precision health (PPH).  

Catalyzed by the mapping of the human genome, innovations in PPH are already enabling doctors to personalize treatments and diagnostics ...

Oct, 2013

PHE Expands Scope of Research Into China with PENSA Study

Tomas Philipson recently traveled to Bali, Indonesia to present a PHE malnutrition study to the attendees of PENSA's (Parenteral and Enteral Nutrition Society of Asia) 15th Congress.

The study, "The Burden of Disease-Associated Malnutrition (DAM) in China," was developed via data from the Chin ...

Sep 23, 2013

PHE's Romley in The NY Times: "Is This A Hospital or a Hotel?"

PHE Economist Dr. John Romley was interviewed by Elisabeth Rosenthal of The New York Times for her analysis piece, "Is This A Hospital or a Hotel?" Dr. Romley points out new research data indicating that patient demand correlates much better to amenities than quality of care. To read the complet ...

Aug 6, 2013

PHE Leaders on C-SPAN: Health Care Reform, Personal Choice and the ACA

PHE principals Darius Lakdawalla (Founding Partner), Amitabh Chandra (Chief Scientific Officer), and Anupam "Bapu" Jena (Principal Consultant) presided over an AEI-sponsored panel on health care reform and the ACA, broadcast live on C-SPAN. The forum presented the findings of their forthcoming p ...

Jul 23, 2013

PHE's Dr. Seth Seabury Testifies Before Congress

PHE's Dr. Seth Seabury testified before Congress on July 10th, 2013, addressing the US House of Representatives Subcommittee on Workforce Protections.

To view the video (Seth appears at approximately the 25:10 mark) please click here.

Jun 20, 2013

PHE and AJMC Host One-Day Conference: "Patient-Centered Diabetes Care: Future Directions"

Precision Health Economics and The American Journal of Managed Care today co-sponsored a special one-day symposium to promote closer partnerships among all involved in diabetes management -- physicians, health plan leaders, policymakers, and the creators of life-saving medicines.

The session, " ...

May 23, 2013

Tomas Philipson in Op-Ed: "Capping Drug Prices Scraps The Hippocratic Oath"

PHE Founding Partner Tomas Philipson, along with George Zanjani (AAMGA Distinguished Chair in Risk Management and Insurance at Georgia State University and President, American Risk and Insurance Association) contributed the following Op-Ed commentary in on May 23, 2013-- addressing th ...

May 16, 2013

Look for PHE at ISPOR 2013

Examples of our expertise can be found in the following presentations:

Issue Panels – Session I

Monday, May 20th, 2013: 11:00am-12:00pm

“How Do We Balance Patient Value and Payer Cost in Oncology?”

Moderator: Dana Goldman, PHE Founding Partner

Workshops – Session III

Tuesday, May 2 ...

May 7, 2013

PHE Adds Anne L. Peters and Kari Edwards to Roster

PHE has added two leaders to supplement our unique business perspective: Anne Peters, MD, a nationally acclaimed expert in diabetes treatment in at-risk communities, will focus PHE’s research in this leading healthcare expenditure; Kari Edwards, PhD, will provide clients strategic counsel on t ...

Apr 25, 2013

Tomas Philipson Featured Panelist of Bio's "worldVIEW SuperSession"

Tomas Philipson appeared as a featured panelist of Bio International Convention's tentpole "SuperSession," held April 24th, 2013 in Chicago. The panel, addressing innovative alliances in Pharma, was moderated by CNN's Fareed Zakaria and featured Dr. Philipson, Dr. Trevor Mundel (President, Bill ...

Apr 17, 2013

Philipson Participates in Scientific American/TEDMED Panel Discussion

Scientific American, in partnership with TEDMED, hosted "The Value of Medical Innovation: A World Free From Cancer," in Washington, DC on April 16th, 2013.  Moderated by award-winning journalist and NPR host David Brancaccio, this panel event helped illustrate how sustained commitment to medical ...

Apr 2, 2013

Lakdawalla Quoted by Bloomberg on Novartis India Patent Ruling

Darius Lakdawalla was quoted by on the recent patent ruling handed down by India's Supreme Court to Novartis AG, regarding their cancer drug Glivec.  Read Dr. Lakdawalla's comments on innovation in the article here.

Mar 27, 2013

Bhattacharya, Jena, and Batt Added As PHE Principal Consultants

PHE has named Jay Bhattacharya, MD, PhD, Anupam Jena, MD, PhD, and Katherine Batt, MD, MSc, as principal consultants. All three are preeminent researchers and educators representing the most notable institutions in health economics and health policy; they will contribute to the knowledge base an ...

Mar 15, 2013

Obama Cites Philipson & Goldman In Economic Report of the President

President Obama's newly released "Economic Report of the President" cites Tomas Philipson's study of cancer treatment in the US vs. Europe, as it relates to the institution of the Affordable Care Act.  In addition, Dana Goldman's “U.S. Health Care:Facts About Costs, Access, and Quality” is ...

Mar 12, 2013

Dr. Amitabh Chandra Named Chief Scientific Officer

PHE has named Dr. Amitabh Chandra as Chief Scientific Officer, effective immediately.

Chandra is the director of health policy research, at Harvard’s Kennedy School of Government and professor of public policy at Harvard University; he will continue to serve in these roles. Internationally r ...