News & Media: 2012

Dec 3, 2012

Dana Goldman on National Journal Podcast: "Will Increased Competition in Health Care Exchanges Actually Raise Costs?"

Founding partner Dana Goldman was interviewed by The National Journal's Cory Bennett on the impact of the ACA's  planned health care exchanges-- and whether they will actually raise costs. Check out the complete podcast with the link below.

Dec 3, 2012

PHE Founding Partner Dana Goldman and RAND Co-Authors Find That The Mexican Immigrant Health Advantage Persists After Accounting for Undiagnosed Disease

The December Health Affairs issue features research by PHE Founding Partner Dana P. Goldman and RAND co-authors Slivia Helena Barcellos and James P. Smith. They find that undiagnosed disease partially explains the lower rates of diabetes and hypertension in the Mexican immigrant population, comp ...

Nov 23, 2012

Dana Goldman's NY Times Op-Ed: "Health Insurance Exchanges May Be Too Small to Succeed"

Founding PHE partner, along with PHE consultants and Harvard University faculty Anupam Jena and Michael Chernew, provide new insight in the NY Times Business Day Op-Ed: "Health Insurance Exchanges May Be Too Small to Succeed."  (Full Text runs below)

Health Insurance Exchanges May Be Too Small ...

Nov 21, 2012

Multiple PHE Authors Featured in American Journal of Managed Care's Special Oncology Treatment Edition

The November 2012 special edition of The American Journal of Managed Care, focusing on new approaches to measuring value in oncology therapy, features four articles by key PHE co-authors. "Dynamic Cost-Effectiveness of Oncology Drugs" was co-authored by founding partner Tomas Philipson, "Value o ...

Oct 17, 2012

PHE Welcomes Glenn Bilawsky

PHE is pleased to announce the naming of Glenn Bilawsky as Chief Executive Officer.  You may know Glenn from his eight years of service as CEO of the i3 division of UnitedHealth Group. During his tenure, i3 grew five-fold and established itself as an admired brand recognized as the contract rese ...

Oct 16, 2012

PHE Founding Partner Dana Goldman in the New York Times: “Why Private Medicare Plans Don’t Cost Less”

Dana Goldman, along with Adam Leive and Nobel Prize Laureate Daniel McFadden, describe the government incentives that drive the cost of Medicare Advantage above the cost of traditional Medicare. See below for an excerpt:

“Both insurers and consumers are making choices. Beneficiaries opt out ...

Oct 10, 2012

Health Affairs Article on the Social Value of Statins

PHE co-authors Darius Lakdawalla, Dana Goldman, Michael Eber, Michael Chernew and Tomas Philipson calculate the social value of statins here, considering the value of long-term survival benefits in excess of spending on the therapy. They find that the social value of survival gains are large and ...

Sep 10, 2012

PHE Partners Lead Milken Institute's "Celebration of Science"

PHE Partners Dana Goldman, Darius Lakdawalla, and Tomas Philipson presented "The Economic Value of Medical Innovation" as part of The Milken Institute's "Celebration of Science," held in Washington, DC on September 7-9th, 2012. Focusing on the rapid advances s in biological research and medical ...

Jul 26, 2012

Dana Goldman Appears on MSNBC's Morning Joe: "Reimburse for Health"

Dana Goldman appeared on MSNBC's "Morning Joe" program to discuss the ACA, obesity, and the need for more emphasis on preventative care with co-hosts Joe Scarborough and Mika Brezezinski on Thursday, July 26th.  To see the complete interview, please click here.

Jun 29, 2012

PHE Partner Darius Lakdawalla Interviewed by the National Pharmaceutical Council

Watch the NPC interview of partner Darius Lakdawalla as he explains the impact that comparative effectiveness research could have on pharmaceutical innovation.

Jun 28, 2012

PHE Partner Weighs In on ACA-- Via NPR's Madeleine Brand Show

Dana Goldman was a featured guest on NPR's Madeleine Brand show, providing his take on the Supreme Court's ruling to uphold the Affordable Care Act. Read the transcript and listen to the interview here.

Jun 22, 2012

Tomas Philipson Interview on BioCentury This Week

The U.S. outspends the world on cancer care. Is it worth it? Tomas Philipson, PHE Founding Partner and Professor of Public Policy at the University of Chicago, says it is. By his analysis, the U.S. spends $30,000 more per cancer case than 10 European nations, and U.S. patients live almost two ye ...

Jun 4, 2012

ISPOR DC 2012: Will CER Stiumulate or Depress Innovation in Health Care?

PHE partners, Darius Lakdwalla and Tomas Philipson, discussed the impact of CER on the future course of innovation with Sarah Garner, Associate Director, Research and Development, National Institute of Health & Clinical Excellence (NICE).

The panel discussed a number of competing issues that h ...

May 21, 2012

NY Times Q&A: "A Long View on Health Care: Think Like an Investor"

Dana Goldman, director of the Schaeffer Center for Health Policy and Economics at the University of Southern California and a PHE Founding Partner, recently discussed his views on the value of preventative care in the fight to rein in health care costs. Dr. Goldman highlights the lack of incenti ...

May 17, 2012

Precision Health Economics Attends 17th Annual International Society for Pharmacoeconomics and Outcomes Research (ISPOR) June 3 - 6, 2012.

Precision Health Economics attended the 17th Annual ISPOR Conference held from June 3 – 6, 2012 at the Washington Hilton in Washington, DC. Darius Lakdawalla and Tomas Philipson served as panelists for: “Will CER Stimulate Or Depress Innovation in Health Care?"

May 17, 2012

Precision Health Economics Presents ADA Poster at 72nd Scientific Sessions, June 8-12, 2012 in Philadelphia, PA

Precision Health Economics presented a poster at the ADA’s 72nd Scientific Sessions on Sunday June 10, 2012. PHE's Matt Solomon was lead author of the presentation titled: “The Impact of Insulin Type on Severe Hypoglycemia Events Requiring Inpatient and Emergency Department Care in Patient ...

May 17, 2012

Health Affairs Special Cancer Issue: Four PHE Abstacts Featured

Four abstracts by Precision Health Economics lead authors were featured in the April 2012 special cancer issue of the journal Health Affairs.The abstracts focused on the value of cancer spending, including analyses of how cancer patients value hope, and examined higher cancer spending in the U.S ...

Apr 30, 2012

Tomas Philipson Speaks at Milken Global Conference 2012

Tomas Philipson spoke at the Milken Global Conference 2012 (held in Los Angeles April 29th to May 2nd) on the topic of: "Weight of the World: Strategies to Fight the Global Obesity Epidemic."

View the complete seminar.

Apr 20, 2012

Tomas Philipson Cited in Wall Street Journal Editorial

Tomas Philipson's article in HealthAffairs' special cancer edition, "An Analysis Of Whether Higher Health Care Spending In The United States Versus Europe Is ‘Worth It’ In The Case Of Cancer," was recently cited in a widely-read Wall Street Journal editorial.  An excerpt runs below:

"...A ...

Apr 9, 2012

Darius Lakdawalla NPR "Marketplace" Interview: Value Of Hope

Founding Partner Darius Lakdawalla was interviewed on NPR's Marketplace regarding his recent publication, "How Cancer Patients Value Hope And The Implications For Cost-Effectiveness Assessments Of High-Cost Cancer Therapies," as published in the special cancer issue of the journal Health Affairs ...

Mar 29, 2012

PHE and the Supreme Court

PHE's influence was felt within the walls of the Supreme Court when Justice Alito, aguing the merits of the Affordable Care Act (ACA), referenced an amicus brief that PHE founding partner Tomas Philipson developed with Thomas Miller, Joe Antos, Jim Capretta, and Chris Conover, among others.  The ...