News & Media: 2009

Jan, 2010

The 2009 Garfield Economic Impact Award

Darius Lakdawalla accepted the 2009 Garfield Economic Impact Prize on behalf of his co-writers, including PHE partner Dana Goldman. The researchers were awarded the prize for their paper, "U.S. Pharmaceutical Policy in a Global Marketplace" which was published in Health Affairs.

Dec 9, 2009

"I Am a Death Panelist. I Am Not the Problem."

Should Medicare cover all forms of doctor-approved treatment? PHE founding partner Dana Goldman analyzes the current system and makes arguments for reform in this NY Times Opinion piece.

Oct 30, 2009

What's Wrong with Private Insurance?

Tomas Philipson takes issue with proposals to introduce a government-run insurance plan in his article here on

Oct 13, 2009

Darius Lakdawalla and Dana Goldman Earn Garfield Award

Dana Goldman and Darius Lakdawalla were awarded the 2009 Garfield Economic Impact Award for the publication, "US Pharmaceutical Policy in a Global Marketplace."

Sep 24, 2009

Dana Goldman Named Director of the Leonard D. Schaeffer Center for Health Policy and Economics at USC

Dana Goldman was named Director of the Leonard D. Schaeffer Center for Health Policy and Economics at USC. Read the press release here.

Aug 21, 2009

Fix the Healthcare System (and Fight the Recession, Too)

Could healthcare reform create jobs and jump start our economy? PHE Partner Dana Goldman advocates slashing wasteful programs to stimulate job growth in this article on

Jul 30, 2009

The Economist: "Waist Banned"

The Economist discusses research done by PHE partners Dana Goldman and Darius Lakdawalla on the effects of taxing unhealthy food.

Jun 23, 2009

"Improve Health, Not the Health Care System"

PHE Partner Dana Goldman looks at ways to improve public health through education and preventative care in a NY Times feature, printed in full below.

This commentary appeared on on June 23, 2009.

"One reason that health reform proposals always seem to fail is that proponents prom ...

Apr 29, 2009

What Economics Can Teach Us About Controlling Swine Flu

How does information about infectious diseases influence public prevention efforts? Tomas Philipson's research is cited in this 2009 NY Times Opinion piece.

Apr 29, 2009

Limiting Treatment to Those Who Need It

Commentary written by PHE partner Dana Goldman, as it appeared on KQED online on April 29, 2009:

"The United States will produce more than $14 trillion worth of goods and services this year—truly an astonishing amount. But equally astonishing is that one out of every six of these dollars wi ...

Mar 13, 2009

Borrow From The HIV Battle Plan To Help Win War Against Cancer

Tomas Philipson analyzes the ways that FDA policy can be reformed to improve cancer treatment, in Investor's Business Daily.

Mar 5, 2009 "The Time-Space Theory"

Darius Lakdawalla is interviewed in this piece examining the rational motivations of terrorists, and cites his 2007 paper, "How Does Terrorism Risk Vary Across Space and Time?"

Feb 11, 2009

Harvard University Hosts Debate Between Candidate's Health Advisors

PHE Partner Tomas Philipson debated David M. Cutler at Harvard Law School, addressing the high cost of health care and the role that technology can play in improving health care outcomes. CBS News has the story here.