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About PHE

Since its founding in 2005, Precision Health Economics (PHE), a part of Precision for Value, has earned a reputation as a world-renowned, cutting-edge consultancy firm, specializing in health policy, economics, and analytics. PHE leverages the expertise of policy analysts, economists, epidemiologists, clinicians, and academics from elite universities to advance research on the most complex healthcare questions.

PHE has a global reputation for delivering results that have strategic and practical applications, generating academic publications in the world’s leading research journals, and leading formal public debates in prestigious, closely watched forums.

PHE’s research focuses on attributes of value important to all healthcare constituencies; helping pharmaceutical, biologic and health care technology companies determine product value, cost-benefit and pricing, starting early in clinical development through global payer submissions.

Life science companies and policymakers worldwide turn to PHE to shape strategy, inform key healthcare decisions, and produce effective changes in public policy through insightful, issue-driven research.