roots imbue

our firm

with creativity,

rigor, and



Who We Are

In 2005, a group of academic health economists from elite research universities founded Precision Health Economics with a dual mission: to develop high-value solutions for clients in the health care industry, using sophisticated data-driven analysis tailored to each client’s strategic needs; and to improve public policy through insightful, issue-driven research. The goal was to create a firm that combined the creative and analytical capabilities of the elite academic community with the skillful execution of projects and deliverables of a high end consulting firm. This motivated our motto of “academic insight at the speed of business”.  

The firm has been organized around executing on these joint capabilities by having academic scientific inputs on projects managed by its growing full-time staff. Since its inception, PHE has grown into a firm with a large set of professionals and academic affiliates spanning many cities, serving an array of global healthcare clients on a range of commercial and policy issues.  

Our partners have devoted their lives to advancing the field of health economics and improving health care. PHE’s academic roots imbue our firm with creativity, rigor, and intellectual integrity, all of which seamlessly combine with the practicality and professionalism of our experienced consultants. The result is a unique organization that brings both a passion for intellectual excellence and a deep commitment to helping our clients meet their toughest marketplace challenges.